Art creation is my way of life. I create in many different ways - acrylic paintings on canvas, mosaic on floors, walls, and tables, paint on mirrors, graphic and web design. I believe my paintings are my healers. Every painting has its own special magic energy that spreads the energy of love to whoever connects with them. Sense of humour is very important for me, and I try to find it even in the most difficult parts of life and it can be seen in many of my paintings. Finding harmony in colours, lines and shapes is my game and pleasure. As a daughter of sculptress and painters parents, wrapped by art I have had an opposite experience – I didn't believe that I could ever create as beautiful as the masterpieces around me. I found my creative way in graphic design and I'm self-employed graphic designer for press and web. I studied art at Haifa University, and took many courses of art in my life, but found my artistic way only when I studied a course of Bio Energy. I was amazed and excited by the idea that a painting, a doodle drawing, made with eyes closed, without thinking, the simple lines that come from inside, can insert energies to its surrounding. A door to a magical world was opened to me. I found my new mantra "To Let Go", no criticism, no right or wrong, just letting go. Painted my doodles on canvases, found figures and shapes in my lines, added colors, sparkling elements, gold leafs, and a lot of spirals.